The winter weather continues to move in and, to keep your family comfortable, you must use your furnace. You may be afraid to turn your furnace on in fear that you will raise the price of your monthly energy bill. Before you cut off the furnace, consider the following five furnace myths.

Your Furnace Works Faster if You Turn the Thermostat Up Higher

Many people believe that their furnace heats the home quicker if they turn the thermostat up as high as they can. Unfortunately, the only thing that happens is your furnace runs for a longer period. Whether you set the temperature at 76 or 85, your furnace heats your home at the same speed.

An Energy-Efficient Furnace Will Save Money

While energy-efficient furnaces can save you money on your energy bill, you may not be saving any money. If you want to cut your heating costs, an energy-efficient furnace must be properly sized and installed in your home. Otherwise, you end up spending more than you are saving.

You Don't Need to Maintain Your Furnace

Often, people believe that their furnace will work and does not need to be maintained. All furnaces need, at minimum, a yearly checkup to ensure they are working properly. Failing to have maintenance performed on your furnace can mean a cold winter for your family. The filter is an important part of your furnace and should be changed at least once a month to maintain proper air flow.

Your Floors Are Cold Because It's Winter

One large misconception that people have is they think the home's flooring is cold because the air outside is cold. If the home is properly insulated, the floors throughout it should never be too cold when the furnace is running.

If your home's floors are cold, you want to check the furnace to make sure it is working properly. You should also check the air ducts and ventilation for any leaks.

Ceiling Fans Only Cool Your Home

Ceiling fans do not cool the air at all and are only responsible for circulating air. Using a ceiling fan in conjunction with your furnace moves warm air throughout the room and down to the ground, keeping you and your family warm.

Now that these five myths regarding your furnace have been debunked, you can decide whether or not you really want to shut it off for the winter months or leave it on and keep warm. For more information, contact a company like Best Way Heating Furnace Repair.