Long and hot summer months can make having a functional air conditioner an absolute necessity, but if you're not aware of signs of trouble, you might find yourself stumbling into a stifling hot space in need of emergency service. While your air conditioning repair firm can get you up and running, you're likely to stay more comfortable if you commit to preemption.

Your air conditioner is likely to display signs of trouble before it breaks down. Below, you'll find a guide to some of those signs which can give you sufficient warning that you need to seek out a repair. An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, and staying ahead of the curve will make things much easier for both you and your air conditioning repair service.

Increased Utility Bills

Once your air conditioner has caught up with the season, it should run consistently and efficiently. This should mean that your utility bills stay relatively flat, which can be a huge relief in the stressful summer months.

If you see a usage spike, however, it might be a sign of a mechanical defect. Your condenser and blower motor consume more energy when their performance is impeded, and that consumption can cause your bills to skyrocket. Noticing one of these jumps can be a valuable sign that you need to schedule a service appointment.

Standing Water

The temperature differences between your air conditioner and the surrounding environment may make a little condensation inevitable, but a small amount of water which evaporates quickly is a long way from a serious puddle. If you notice pools of water appearing around your equipment, you might have a problem.

In some cases, that water can be caused by a huge spike in your condenser temperature that's driving the level of condensation through the roof. In others, standing water may be the result of a leak. Whatever the cause, it's a valuable warning sign that you should certainly be aware of.

Inconsistent Blowing

As mentioned above, modern air conditioners should be able to reliably hold a consistent temperature throughout the day, and any adjustments are likely to be subtle. This means that loud, extended blowing through your vents is a sign of unusual behavior that you should be sure to source. Your air conditioning repair service will be able to quickly identify any blockages or bad thermostat readings, and that information can go a long way toward keeping you cool without any interruptions.