If you have an older heating system, it may be time to consider upgrades for energy efficiency and improved performance. Some of the upgrades that you may want to consider include replacing a furnace, installing a heat pump or changing your home to radiant heating. Here are some of the different heating upgrades that you may want to consider for your home for this summer:

1. Furnace Replacements and Heat Pump Installation for Better Efficiency

If you have an old and outdated heating system, it may be time to replace that old furnace with a new and improved unit. Modern furnaces are much more efficient than they were even a decade ago. Today, there are also options for heat pumps, which can be used to provide your home with efficient cooling and heating in mildly cold weather. If you live in an area that has a mild winter climate, heat pumps are an ideal solution for an energy-efficient heating system.

2. Updating the Ducts and Thermostat to Reduce Heat Loss and Improve Efficiency

Other upgrades can be done to your heating system, such as updating the ductwork to prevent heat loss. This is an improvement that you may want to start during early spring when you do not need the AC or during the late fall before you start using your heating. In addition to repairs and improvements to the ductwork, you may want to update your thermostat for a modern programmable or smart thermostat. These thermostats will help make your heating more energy-efficient and your home comfortable.

3. Improving Efficiency and Other Benefits of Installing A Radiant Heating System

Another improvement that you may want to consider for your heating over the summer months is installing a radiant heating system. There are several different choices for radiant heating, which can be with radiators, baseboard heaters or an in-floor radiant heating system. The in-floor system will be the costliest and most intrusive, while radiators and baseboards will be more affordable. You also have a choice of renewable energy that can be used with radiant heating systems, such as biomass boilers or solar and geothermal energy solutions.

These are some of the heating upgrades that you will want to consider doing for your home over the summer. If you are ready to start with maintenance and planning of summer heating upgrades, contact an HVAC contractor and talk with them about some of these ideas.

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