If you have a covered porch or sunroom that you like to enjoy during the hot summers, then you may have a few tricks up your sleeve to help cool it down. However, during the cold winter, you may not ever sit out on it because of how cold it is. Rather than never using your sunroom during the winter, this article will take a closer look at a few things that you can do to warm up your space. Are you ready to learn some more? Read on.

Cover Up Your Windows

Typically, windows in sunrooms aren't very thick. In fact, they are usually single-pane windows that have large screens on top of them. Even though single-paned windows may be good in the middle of summer, they certainly aren't going to do you any favors during the winter. To help warm up your space, try contacting a window company and having them come out and replace your single-pane windows with double-pane windows or insulate around your windows so that you can keep the warm air in.

Contact an HVAC Company

Your sunroom probably doesn't have a heating source in it. If you want to really make it a more livable part of your home, consider contacting a heating repair and installation company to come out and install some air ducts and heating vents in your space. By connecting the air ducts to the ones in your house, they should be able to run off of the same system which will save you a lot of money. Plus, it will really help to heat up your space as well. 

Repair Your Heater

If you have air vents that run from your house and into your sunroom but you don't think they do their job, then you should contact a heating repair company. The heating repair company will come out to your house to do a quick evaluation and then fix anything that needs to be repaired. 

Get a Space Heater

If you don't want to spend the money on having an HVAC company come out and install some air vents in your space, then consider getting a space heater. A space heater is great because you can just hook it up to your electrical outlet which will help keep a small space warm. Plus, they are usually fairly affordable to run. Just make sure that you unplug it before you leave because they can be a fire hazard.

To learn more about ways for you to heat up your sunroom, contact a heating repair company near you, such as Nova Air Conditioning & Heating, and ask them to come out to your house and give you a bid.