Have you been dreading the end of winter? Do you hate the heat and wish that it would stay winter forever or at least not become summer? Plenty of people hate the heat of summer and do as much as possible to avoid thinking about it. Unfortunately, this also means that they do little to prepare, ultimately making the experience worse in the long run. If you've been trying to avoid even thinking about summer, here are some things that need to be done but that you may have been putting off doing:

1. Turn on your air conditioner: Springtime, when it's still relatively cool, is the best time to turn on your air conditioner to see if it actually works. If it turns out that the fan is broken or the air conditioner seems to be blowing hot air instead of cold, checking it now gives you time to call your local air conditioner services company to get it fixed. Waiting until it's starting to get hot outside can mean that all the technicians are busy fixing other people's air conditioners and you'll have to wait several days, potentially a couple of weeks, before they're able to fix your air conditioner. 

2. Change the filter: If you didn't change the air conditioner's filter when you turned the unit off in autumn, now is a good time to do so. Leaving dirty filters in place can ultimately damage your A/C as dust and dirt get drawn through the filter and into the air conditioner. This can result in more calls to your air conditioner services company for repairs and fewer days where your air conditioner is able to run. Any money that you might think you're saving by keeping the filter in "for just a little longer" will be offset in the long run by these increased repair costs.

3. Inspect the furnace: In order to be assured that you'll have heat next winter, spring and early summer is a good time to have your furnace or general heating system inspected for any flaws. Conversely, you should have your air conditioner services company inspect your air conditioner this autumn for any potential issues. If it does turn out that there are potential problems in either situation, you'll either be able to fix them right away or you'll have several months to save up in preparation for replacing the unit before it becomes time to use it again.