Are you tired of feeling the heat of summer within your own home? Do you want to have someone come out to take a look at the unit but you're not sure who to call or what to ask them? While our ancestors lived without any air conditioning at all, this is one thing that has become an indispensable part of modern life. As such, we feel it even more acutely when there is no air conditioning at all. In order to get someone out to fix the system, it's important to ask the right questions when you call up a company. Some of the most important questions include:

When is the soonest appointment? Although this is a common question to ask air conditioning repair services, the answer you might get isn't nearly as obvious to a lot of people. Reputable services are often over-booked during the summer. If you didn't get your air conditioner inspected and/or replaced in the spring, you may sometimes have to wait weeks for an appointment. In some cases, you can ask to be notified if someone cancels, allowing your appointment to be sooner, but this isn't something that every company offers. 

Is your company fully insured/bonded? Working with air conditioners, especially ones that are on the roof, can be a dangerous business. Falls and electrocution are just some of the hazards that air conditioning repair service employees can expect to face. If you hire an unlicensed and uninsured handyman to look at your A/C instead of a qualified and fully insured technician, you could be liable for any injury that this person has while on your property. This also includes any damages that might occur to your home as a result of his or her actions. A company that has full insurance on its technicians will be able to cover any broken windows, injuries, and so forth that have been accidentally caused by any of its employees.

What sort of guarantee/warranty does your company offer? All reputable companies will offer some sort of guarantee or warranty on their work. This guarantee or warranty will be given in writing and not just told to you by the person who arrives to fix your air conditioner. Some air conditioning repair services may claim to offer guarantees or warranties but then offer no proof of these claims. If something goes wrong, your only recourse may be to sue them in small claims court and hope that the judge sides with you. Always get written proof of any guarantees or warranties.