You turned the air conditioner on, and cold air is coming out, but the air pressure seems really low. This is not a problem you should ignore. Even though there is some cold air coming out, your home won't cool very efficiently with an airflow problem, and your energy bills might soar through the roof. There are a couple of issues that could be leading to your low airflow problems. The good news is that most are easily repaired or addressed.

Crushed Ducts

If your air conditioning system has flexible ducts, as many newer systems do, there is a chance that one of the ducts has become crushed. This can happen if a contractor like a plumber or an electrician does work between the walls and accidentally crushes the duct with some equipment. It can also happen in older homes if some of the wood supports inside the wall crack and put pressure on a duct. 

If some of your vents seem to be getting good airflow but others don't, then crushed ducts may be the problem at fault. Your HVAC repair contractor can tell if this is the issue by sending a camera into the system. If crushed ducts are the issue at hand, your contractor will need to open up the walls, remove the damaged ducts, and replace them. 

Dirty Air Filter

If the air filter is clogged with dirt, the fan may not be strong enough to push air through. This one you can solve on your own. Just pull the filter out and put a new one in place. Then, keep a few spare filters on hand and change yours regularly so that you don't run into this problem again.

A Damaged Blower

The blower is the appliance that actually propels the air conditioning air through your home. It has a motor, and sometimes that motor develops issues like a worn ball bearing or a torn belt. It may then no longer be able to blow quite enough air through your home to achieve adequate airflow. Usually, you can tell if your blower is struggling by listening closely. Rattling sounds indicate a broken bearing; squealing indicates a torn belt. An HVAC repair tech can repair either of these issues. In some cases, they may recommend simply replacing the blower motor.

Low airflow can compromise the air conditioner's ability to cool your home. If you're experiencing this problem, contact companies like Bud's Heating & Air Conditioning.