Maintaining your air conditioner takes caring for it properly. You want to be sure you keep the filter clean, keep the compressor protected by shade, keep the compressor on a concrete pad, keep the area around the compressor free from overgrowth, keep the ducts clean, and keep all the registers open and free from obstructions. You also want to be able to spot troubles early on, so you can have a repair technician fix any issues before bigger troubles come from them.

While the air conditioning system will make noises each time it comes on, these will be its normal noises that you will always hear. It's the new and different sounds that you need to be aware of. Here are some noises you are going to want to watch out for, and if you hear them, then you want to have AC services come out:

Banging – If you hear a banging sound, then this is not a good thing. A banging sound will likely mean that there is an issue with your air conditioning systems blower assembly. If this sound happens, then you want to turn off the system until you can get the technician to come out or you can be causing more damage to the system by continuing to run it.

Rattling – If your air conditioning system has a rattling sound, then the sound can indicate that you have some type of debris in the system that is rattling around in there when the air is being pushed through. This can lead to serious issues if the piece of debris ends up working its way into the system where it causes damage. You want a technician to come out so they can diagnose the issue and get rid of the debris or fix whatever else the problem may be.

Hissing – If you hear something that sounds like a hissing noise when your air conditioner is on, then this likely means that you have a leak somewhere in the ductwork. You want to have a technician come take a look at things and fix any and all leaks.

When you hear any noises that you find to be concerning, it is always better to have a repair technician come out to investigate the issue and tend to any of the repairs that the system may need to have done. Have them come out as soon as possible and consider not using the unit until they have checked things out.