Being able to recognize when your home's air conditioning system is needing to undergo repairs can be an important skill for homeowners to have. While there are many potential indicators that the air conditioning system could benefit from being serviced, there are many indicators that will be overlooked until the system suffers a major failure.

Musty Smells

Musty odors coming from the air conditioning system is usually an indicator that there is mold or other substances growing in the unit. While a homeowner may not immediately recognize this as being a substantial problem, there are several ways that it can negatively impact the overall performance of the air conditioning system. For example, it is possible for the mold inside the unit to actually interfere with the flow of air through it. Additionally, the mold may even grow on the mechanical components.

Running Far Longer Than Is Needed

Once the interior temperature of the home reaches the desired temperature, the unit should stop running fairly soon. However, there can be instances where the system may continue to run even when the desired temperature has been reached. This can be the result of the thermostat being faulty because the system is failing to accurately measure the temperature in the room. Cleaning the thermostat should correct this problem in a majority of situations, but if this fails, it could indicate that the issue is more serious and may require the thermostat to be replaced. Unfortunately, this is also a problem that can worsen over time. For example, it is possible for the unit to overheat and suffer extensive wear as a result of running for excessively long periods of time. Eventually, this may result in the unit needing to be replaced or rebuilt.

Excessive Vibrations

An air conditioning system is an extremely powerful mechanical device. Not surprisingly, it can be possible for it to actually generate substantial amounts of vibrations. A properly maintained air conditioning unit will likely avoid this problem as the components that generate the vibrations are properly lubricated and calibrated. In situations where this work has not been done to the unit, it may create enough vibrations to actually shake the home when it is running. If these vibrations are not addressed, they will actually be able to shake components of the system loose. For this reason, you should schedule a service visit as soon as possible when the air conditioning system starts to make more vibrations than normal.

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