If your cooling system has been weatherized for winter, it is time to start with maintenance for summer. You may need help to remove winterization and other maintenance that needs to be done. Your system also needs to be inspected for minor damage. The following cooling maintenance will help you get ready for the hot summer weather:

Removing the Covers and Weatherization

AC units are often covered for the winter months. This is to protect them from damage while they are not being used. There may be plugs that need to be removed from condensation drain lines too. The maintenance service can also clean the AC unit to prevent problems with parts icing over in summer heat. You will also want to have the unit inspected for winter damage that needs to be repaired before using your cooling system.

Changing Filters and Checking the Airflow

The filters of your cooling system also need to be replaced before the summer months. When the filters are changed, the maintenance service can also check your system's blower and airflow. If there are problems with the blower, it may need to be repaired before you turn the cooling system on. Sometimes, cleaning the blower and repairing minor damage to ductwork will solve issues with airflow.

Checking the AC Compressor for Leaks

The winter months can also cause issues with the coils and compressor of your AC unit. These problems can cause leaks and serious damage to your cooling system that cause it to not work properly. Therefore, the AC will need to be inspected for leaks that need to be repaired before you start using it. If your compressor is low on refrigerant gas, you can be sure that there is a leak somewhere.

Calibrating the Cooling System With the Thermostat

Lastly, the cooling system needs to be calibrated with the thermostat of your HVAC system. This will ensure that the system is reading the temperature in your home correctly. This will prevent problems with the system running too much or not turning on when it is needed. If you have an old analog thermostat, it may be time to update it with a digital model. This will improve the efficiency of your AC to reduce your summer energy costs.

Getting a head start on summer with this essential maintenance will reduce problems with your AC. Contact a residential cooling system maintenance service for help with servicing your system before winter.