Automatic heating oil delivery provides many benefits. Knowing what they are can help you decide if it is the right option for your home heating needs.

1. Reduce Shortage Concerns

When heating oil demand is high, it may be difficult to schedule a delivery when you need it most. Those on automated delivery plans are often at the top of the list for scheduled deliveries with the oil company. This is in part because signing up for such as plan allows the company to plan ahead in the off-season and stockpile sufficient oil for its known customers. 

2. Avoid Running Out

Running out of oil and hearing the furnace click off in the middle of a cold spell can be a bit alarming. Unfortunately, this is always a possibility if you are calling in for oil delivery as you need it instead of simply having it delivered automatically on a set schedule or when a tank alarm notifies the oil delivery service. If you run out of oil, it can sometimes take several days before a delivery can be brought to your home.

3. Lock-In Pricing

Some oil delivery companies will lock in a rate for you when you sign up for automatic deliveries. This is because they can plan ahead if they know who will be ordering in the winter, and this allows the service to purchase the oil when it is at a lower off-season price. For services that don't lock in prices, they will still usually provide a discounted rate for those on an automatic delivery plan.

4. Less to Remember

Automating your oil delivery gives you one less task to remember, which is a bonus for many families since winter is often a busy season due to the holidays and school schedules. You won't need to log into a website or make a phone call to order oil before you run out, it will simply be delivered as needed. Most services can even perform the deliveries when no one is home, so there is no need to take time out of your busy day.

5. Special Equipment Is Optional

There are a couple of ways automatic delivery works. You can have a special tank sensor installed that will notify the oil service when the tank gets low, thus triggering a delivery. If you prefer to skip the special equipment, you can simply sign up for an automatic top-off service. With this option, the oil company shows up about every four weeks (or at another pre-determined interval) and tops off the tank before it runs empty.

Contact a home heating oil delivery service to learn more about the options that are available.