Are you wondering what you should be doing to maintain your furnace over the years? If so, it will help to know about the following things that you should be doing to keep it running smoothly.

Filter Replacement

The easiest thing that you can do to maintain your furnace is replace the air filter when it's time. Make sure that you understand when your furnace filter needs to be replaced since it varies from furnace to furnace based on the type and size of the filter used. Some may need to be replaced every month, while others need to be replaced once a year. 

The filter is located on the air return duct, and the filter cleans the air before it reaches the inside of the HVAC system. Pay attention to the direction of the airflow since there are filters that need to be placed in the furnace in a specific way so the air flows through the filter properly. 

Internal Inspection And Cleaning

You'll want to take off the main door of the furnace so that you can inspect and clean the inside of the unit. It will help to use a vacuum to remove the dust that is on the inside of the appliance, If you are able to see the heat exchanger easily, you should inspect this part for any cracks or odd deformities in it. This is a very important part of your furnace that contains the dangerous fumes produced by the furnace, and any crack on this part can cause those fumes to leak carbon monoxide in your home.

There is also a burner assembly in the furnace that you should visually inspect. What you are looking for are obvious scorch marks around the burner assembly. If you see them, this means that the flames are rolling out a bit too much and the furnace needs to be repaired. 

Blower Cleaning

Your furnace has a blower that moves the air over the heat exchanger, which heats it up and pushes the air throughout your home. The blower motor assembly should be cleaned annually to make sure that there is no dust and debris in the housing that holds it. The blower wheel can be vacuumed and cleaned with a brush, which will help keep it clean and extend its lifespan.

Not confident doing this maintenance on your own? Reach out to an HVAC company that can handle annual furnace maintenance for you.