As a homeowner with a heating system, you want to be in a position to fire it up any time the temperatures drop below your comfort level. However, the heating system suffers occasional wear and tear like all other appliances. Sometimes you might fire it up in the winter and discover that it has completely broken down. To avoid surprise heater breakdowns, you should always be in a position to tell when it starts to develop issues. Here are the top ways to tell when your heater is damaged and needs repairs.

Your Energy Bills Keep Soaring

Almost everyone who manages a household can give you a rough estimate of the amount of money they use in settling energy bills. You should consider getting the heater checked if you have noticed an upward trend in your bills and haven't added an appliance. When the heater starts malfunctioning, its energy efficiency goes down. Consequently, it runs longer hours and uses more fuel to keep the house warm, hence the raised heating bill.

The Carbon Monoxide Detector Is Beeping

Carbon monoxide is a massive safety hazard in the house. It is wise to treat it as an emergency when your carbon monoxide detector keeps beeping. The gas has no color and no smell, and you might get tricked into thinking the beeping is harmless. However, it is highly toxic and causes suffocation and death. The presence of the gas in the house could mean that the heat exchanger inside the furnace has cracked. It is advisable to evacuate and look for a heating contractor to repair it immediately. Additionally, foul smells from the system mean that something is burning. You should stop using the unit until a technician figures out the source of the odor and helps fix it. 

The Home Is Dustier

The level of dust in the house can help you determine whether the blower is working at its regular efficiency. If the ducts have accumulated more dust than before, the blower has lost some of its efficiency. You should also check in with your family members and figure out if they have been experiencing allergies and other symptoms of breathing in excessive dust. Additionally, listen for odd sounds from the system, as a broken blower often causes them.

Calling the repair technician is the best way to handle heating system issues. If you need heating repair, hire a reliable heating contractor and have them check your system for damage.