You probably know how important it is to have your AC cleaned by a technician before summer arrives, but you may not give much thought to your ducts. Ducts may not get dirty as fast as the air conditioning equipment, but over time, dust and debris such as mouse droppings, can accumulate in the ducts and cause problems with air quality in your home. Here's how air conditioner vent cleaning helps keep the air in your home cleaner.

1. Dust Is Taken Out Of Circulation  

If you have allergies, you might be sensitive to dust and dust mites. If you don't keep your HVAC equipment clean, dust can build up and get blown back into the air in your living space. You can do a lot to control dust in your home. Start by dusting your furniture and flooring often. Make sure the HVAC filter is changed regularly and have your AC cleaned and serviced at least once a year.

Beyond that, keep an eye on your register vents for signs of dust. When dust builds up inside the ducts, it gets blown around and shoots back out of the vents. Sometimes, you can see dust buildup on the grilles and see wads of dust fall from the registers. When you have air conditioner vent cleaning done, all of the dust is vacuumed out of the ducts so your system is clean again.

2. Animal Hairs And Droppings Are Removed

Other things that may bother your allergies are roaches in the ducts and rodent droppings and hairs. Your pets' hairs may get pulled in the ducts too and be a source of irritants for your allergies. Even if you don't have allergies, you'll want dead roaches and mouse debris removed from the ducts for sanitary reasons.

When the air conditioner vent cleaning service vacuums out the ducts, they use equipment that can scrub the sides of the ducts to ensure everything is knocked off the ducts and pulled out of your house.

3. Mold Is Killed And Removed

If your ducts got damp, they might have mold growing in them. When air blows through the ducts, the air picks up mold spores and spreads them through your home. The first step in resolving this problem is to stop the moisture so your ducts stay dry. Then, the air conditioner vent cleaning company can brush the insides of the ducts to remove mold and pull it out with the vacuum equipment. The company might also sanitize the insides of the ducts so mold doesn't return.