You need air conditioning when it's hot. It's nearly impossible to sleep when your home is hot and stuffy, and you'll be miserable in your home during the day. When your AC goes out, you'll want repairs as soon as possible. Several things cause an air conditioner to malfunction. One common problem is the lack of proper airflow. Here are some things that cause airflow to diminish through your air conditioning system and AC repairs that could be needed.

A Blockage In The System

Airflow is restricted when circulation is blocked. This might happen when the filter is clogged with dust or when register grilles are blocked. Poor airflow can also affect the condenser if the coil fins are smashed or if weeds are growing against the sides of the condenser cage.

Before you call an AC repair technician, check the filter and all of the registers to see if they're blocked. If you can't find the problem, an AC repair technician can track down the source of the problem and repair it by removing the blockage and returning airflow to normal.

An Airflow Leak

Another problem that can develop with your system is when a duct has a big leak and cold air is lost before it blows out of your registers. You might notice the air coming from your registers is not as strong as it used to be. This causes your house to heat up and your AC to run longer trying to keep your house cool.

An AC repair technician can find the leak and repair it with tape or mastic. If repairs aren't possible, the bad duct might need to be replaced. Your AC technician might be able to make a new duct out of sheet metal they carry on the truck. If not, temporary repairs might be made until a duct replacement can be done.

A Part Malfunction

Air blows through the ducts because the blower creates airflow. If the blower or the blower motor is bad, airflow won't be created and no cool air will blow through your home. This is an easy problem to identify since you can hear the blower when it's working properly. If the blower isn't working, there won't be the usual noises when your AC is running.

An AC repair technician might start by testing the motor and capacitor and looking at the blower. The blower might need to be cleaned or the capacitor or motor might need to be replaced so your AC starts working properly.