Many of the malfunctions that can occur in an air conditioning system will be related to performance issues with the blower. When the blower for the system suffers from any number of problems, it could result in a sizable reduction in performance for the entire system.

Alignment Problems With The Blower's Fans

The blower will utilize a large fan to move the air through the home. However, the fans that this component uses could develop alignment problems. If these alignment issues form, they could reduce the amount of air that it is pushing through the home. While these alignment problems are relatively common issues for AC systems, they can be a simple repair for a professional contractor to make. By having this done promptly, you can minimize the impacts on the temperature of your home while also avoiding the alignment issues from potentially contributing to damage to the fans.

Too Little Lubrication For The Blower's Motor

A blower's motor will generate large amounts of friction when it is in operation. Having a layer of lubrication on the moving components can reduce this friction so that it will be unable to damage the system. Routine maintenance sessions of the air conditioning system can ensure that any degrading lubrication can be replaced. This is done by the technician applying supplementary lubrication to the moving parts of the blower. Unfortunately, individuals may not realize that this step needs to be done, and this could lead to them potentially going for years without servicing their air conditioning system.

Corrosion On Electrical Connections Or Mechanical Components

Corrosion is another major source of damage to an air conditioning system. The exterior of the unit may be exposed to harsh elements, and this can degrade the metal mechanical components or even the electrical connections inside the system. Unfortunately, individuals may not realize that this problem is occurring with their system until it has already become advanced enough to contribute to performance issues. If you are noticing any signs of corrosion on the exterior of the unit, then it is likely that there is corrosion on the interior as well. A thorough inspection should be completed to assess the scale of the corrosion problem and to begin the necessary repair steps for this problem. In some cases, the corrosion on the blower or its connections could be safely removed without impacting performance. However, if this is not an option, the corroded parts will need to be replaced. Those living in areas that are close to bodies of salt water can find that this type of corrosion may be especially common.

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