Dust and dry air can be a big problem in the winter in the home, especially if it's causing respiratory irritations and dry skin. If you notice you have sore throats, flaky skin, and dust all around the home every winter, your furnace may need a humidifier.

This is different from the old unit that you would pour water into and set in a central location in your home. Call an HVAC professional in your area and tell them the following.

Install a Humidifier

You can have a humidifier attached to your furnace if you feel the air in your home is too dry. This is ideal because too much moisture in the home can lead to bacteria, mold, and other concerns. When the experts do the humidifier installation you don't have to worry about these things. This will help to spread moisture in the air produced by the furnace that passes in the home, reducing dryness.

Replace the Air Filter

Replace the air filter in the furnace. Depending on use, this should be done once to twice a year, and if not, it causes hazards like:

  • Clogging that causes heat and fire concerns
  • Dust, lint, and debris that cause poor air quality
  • Decreased efficiency
  • Poor air circulation

While the HVAC professional is replacing the air filter, they can blow out the chamber to remove anything left behind while the filter is removed.

Clean the Ventilation System

The ducts and the vents should be attended to by a HVAC professional. This way the clean filter and moisturized air aren't being polluted by dust and contaminants that have accumulated in the duct work around the home. Duct cleaning will also be an opportunity for the HVAC contractor to look at the ducts and see if there are major concerns that need repaired or replaced.

Get a couple of quotes to have the work done to see what company the most affordable, and what HVAC service provider will get the job done quickly. A furnace tune-up and inspection at the time for the humidifier install is something that should also be done, just to ensure your unit is running properly and as efficiently as possible.

Adding a humidifier to the furnace is a great way to get control of the humidity in the house, and to make sure that when the temperatures drop and the air gets dry, you will still have moist comfortable air.

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