If your air conditioner isn't putting out enough air to keep your home cool, or if there is no air at all coming out of the ducts, there are a number of problems to consider. First, check that your thermostat is set properly, the fuse hasn't tripped, and the filter isn't coated with dust. 

After that, check if the compressor and condenser fan are running and if the blower fan kicks on when the AC starts. These checks help you narrow down the problem, but you may still need the help of an air conditioning repair service to get your AC working again. Here are things that could be wrong.

1. The Air Could Be Leaking Out

Your AC equipment might be working fine, but if your ducts have a leak, your home won't be able to cool down. If you hear your AC running as it normally does, but the airflow is diminished, check your ducts to see if you can find a leak.

If your ducts are in a place that's difficult to reach, call an air conditioning repair contractor to check your ducts for you. If one is open, the repair contractor may need to replace it or repair it to seal the leak.

2. Ice on The Evaporator Coil Blocks Airflow

Air is pulled in the air handler and blown across the evaporator coil on its way to the ducts. If the evaporator coil is coated with ice, airflow is restricted. Ice can form when the filter is dirty, so check the filter first. If the filter is okay, the problem might be due to a dirty coil or low refrigerant.

You can melt the ice yourself by turning off the AC and just running the fan across the coil. It might take hours to melt if there is a lot of ice. When the ice is gone, turn your AC on to see if it puts out a lot of air. You should still call an air conditioning repair service since the problem that made the coil ice over may happen again if the cause of the ice problem isn't found and fixed.

3. There's A Blower Problem

If you hear the condenser unit running outside, but there is no fan noise coming from the air handler, there's probably a blower problem. This could be a bad capacitor or a bad motor that's keeping the fan from spinning. An air conditioning repair professional can replace the capacitor or fan to get them running again.