Commercial appliance parts refer to the components and replacement parts that are specifically designed for commercial-grade appliances. These appliances are commonly used in industries such as restaurants, hotels, gyms, healthcare facilities, schools, and more. The commercial parts are made to meet the higher demands and strength that commercial appliances require. You can learn more about these parts in this article. 

What are some common reasons for needing commercial appliance parts? 

Commercial appliances are put through heavy use, and while the appliances are built to withstand that use, they will tend to have some parts that wear out faster than the rest of the appliances. When these parts have issues, they'll often need to be replaced. In most cases, it's normal wear and tear that causes the parts to break. However, there can be other issues, such as mishandling of the appliance or something else.

Are commercial appliance parts different from residential ones?

Commercial appliance parts differ from residential parts in several ways. Since they are designed to withstand such heavy use, these parts tend to be made from the strongest materials possible. However, residential appliance parts may be designed more with the goal of keeping them budget-friendly, so they're made with cheaper materials that won't offer the same strength as commercial parts. 

Commercial appliance parts also have different specifications because they are designed to go in commercial-grade appliances. This means that their dimensions can be larger, and they may also have more bearings, extra connections, and more. 

Do commercial appliance parts require professional replacement?

While you may be capable of replacing commercial appliance parts, it's a good idea for you to leave these repairs to a professional repair technician. One of the reasons for this is that the repair technician will have the correct tools to do the job right. Also, the repair technician will be able to look at the other parts and make sure nothing else needs repairing or replacing while they already have the appliance open. 

Having a professional replace the parts in an appliance is sometimes the only way for you to ensure that the warranty stays valid for the appliance. If you open the appliance yourself, it usually voids the warranty. This means you'll be responsible for paying all future repair and replacement costs. 

If you try to replace parts you are unfamiliar with, you could end up causing more damage to the appliance. A professional repair technician can replace commercial appliance parts without causing additional problems.

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